Welcome to Meditation with Waheguru.

The First Guru

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh faith.
Date of Birth: 15/04/1469
Parents name’s: Pitah Kalou Ji
                          Mata Thriptha Ji
Wifes name: Mata Sulakhni Ji
Son’s name: Baba Shrichand Ji
                     Baba Lackhmichand Ji

Passed on Gurtagadi to Guru Angad Dev ji and went back to Suchkhand on
22/09/1539 (approximatly) 



This website will show you the ways to do meditation very simply, using a beautiful mantra, Waheguru. The meaning of this mantra is found on our Introduction page.

More content will be available shortly that shows how the saints of this world found meditation, and how they used it to find ones self.

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